Portrait and Architectural assignment

Two out of the four assignments I was given in the first half of my assessment was something I'd never thought I would do. But I did end up getting positive feedback for both. 

First up in the portrait assignment, we were given two tasks is to create a Hollywood Lighting portrait which you can see here and also a beauty portrait. I am generally happy with this as there are a few slight mistakes I have made and have no realised during the shoot that I had used a big aperture which resulted in some parts of the face being not in focus but also using a big aperture also have me an advantage of putting all the loose hair strands out of focus as they would of looked unappealing if they were sharp. For lights I used three lights with one on the left side of her cheek to give more light on side than the other. 

Second is my beauty portrait which I am really happy with but without having a hairstylist on set it made styling the hair and trying to fix the loose hair strands a big hard. Which you can see in the photo clearly. With lights I used one light with a beauty dish and a silver reflector on the bottom. 

Finally my architectural assignment which I am extremely happy with. Doing this assignment has really inspired me to try and do more architectural photography involving interiors and exteriors of houses. 

I would also like to thank both Natchi Cosplay and Zac Homes for both giving me the opportunity to complete my assignment and inspire me to do more in both of those fields.  

Where have I been?

My last post was in December 2014 and now its April 2015 so where have I exactly been for the past couple months? With the start of my summer break I managed to get myself a job working 4 to 5 days a week 8 hours to 10 hours a day.


With work taking a huge toll on me physically and other commitments I have at night I have no time to photograph my personal interests such as my figures. Which is the majority of what I post on here and none of my commissioned work. However I still am collecting figures vigorously as I was in 2014 with orders coming in at the end of the month. 

Also with the start of the new year and 2 months in afterwards my classes resume which is also another main factor of my absence with this year also being my second year the assignments now have become even tougher with them being out of my comfort zone with lots more planning and research needed to be done before I can start them. 

After thinking about it for sometime I have decided I will no longer be posting any more monthly figure hauls due to the fact that they will be no longer on time as I have other commitments to get done first. But hopefully have an update post on some of my favourite figures that I have recently acquired and updating my blog on my assignments about my personal comments on them.