Racing Hatsune Miku 2011 by Good Smile Company

Hatsune Miku, so who exactly is she? Well for one things for sure she's not an anime character. Yes she does certainly resemble one but she's a Japanese Vocaloid which is a singing synthesizer application. Hatsune Miku is notably known for her artificial voice which possibly can't be reached by any human. Since then her popularity has skyrocketed from having millions of views on Youtube to having her own game. Since then Hatsune Miku has also been adapted into a Racing Queen as a mascot for Good Smile Racing and is officially acknowledged as Racing Miku.  


When I first saw this figure at my local anime store I completely knew that I had to have this figure. Not only she was aesthetically pleasing to look at but how Good Smile Company has managed to capture in figure form is her hair. That Good Smile Company managed to capture the motion of her hair wrapping around her and the flowing motion of her hair without making them look like bloody tentacles, you can look at her from any angle and will surely be amazed by the way her hair twists and flows around her. Another cool thing about her hair is how it gradients to transparency at the ends of her hair and the uniqueness of her hair strands on top of her head sticking up which looks pretty awesome and a bit different to the usual helmet head anime hair.


With such a skintight outfit like that, you gotta think that she's gotta have a killer behind and Good Smile Company certainly does not disappoint. Aside from all that the illustrations for Racing Miku 2011 were done by Yuichi Murakami who has successfully given her a futuristic and sexy look. Also giving off a very mature look to Hatsune Miku compared to other illustrations. With her expression giving off a very confidence look, but also very gentle. 


I simply love the translucent effect going on her outfit around the hips. By using a variety of paints from super glossy, metallic and a bit of matte giving off a sexy appearance and not to forget her long slender legs. 


Overall I couldn't really ask for anything more out of this figure. It has to be by far one of my most favourite figures excluding my nendoroids.