Why do I collect anime figurines?

The question I get confronted most of the time. So why do I spend so much money buying anime figurines, when they are relatively expensive, take up space, and all they do is “ sit around and collect dust “ 

My current collection 

My current collection 

So what is it that drives to collect little pieces of plastic that cost way more than they’re worth? If you were to ask me this upfront I possibly couldn’t give you a straight answer or an exact one for every time you would ask me. Why? Maybe because I simply can’t narrow my answer down to one particular reason, but if one thing is for sure why I buy figurines is because I have a clear dedication in some way or form of how much a particular character reminds me of my favorite stories. Of course some of us might say ‘Oh I don’t need to buy anime figurines or any physical representation to remind us about our favorite stories ‘  and honestly I kind of would have to agree with you that I don’t need to buy them either. But however I choose to go the extra mile because I feel that it was that important to me because a physical representation of a story best reminds me of why I like it the most



Because collecting anime figurines is not quite like any other collection that people get into, such as cars, stamps or trading cards. Anime figurines entail a lot more personal involvement with the buyer and the figurine. People may like cars, stamps or trading cards for whatever reason. But for cars and stamps each individual car or stamp does not represent much more than a car or stamp. While an anime figurines consist of their personality and feelings of a character. At least in the minds of an anime fan.



While other people may like the hobby of collecting cars, stamps and a few other favourites. I feel that the anime fans who collect figurines feel the most intimacy with the figurine that they buy because it represents a person to them rather than an object. 



For trading cards however, even if they represent real people, most collectors do not know the people personally but just know them and admire them for certain qualities they have. But anime fans who buy and love their anime trading cards or figurines know and appreciate the characters personalities, inner feelings, flaws, fears, insecurities, dislikes, likes etc. which are things we often have to guess for real people unless we spend a great amount of time with them. So it’s almost we know the character as well as our friends and family thus creating a stronger bond between the buyer and the figurine/trading card.



One reason why collecting anime figurines is the most popular among anime fans is because figurines are the only tangible forms that anime characters have. Unlike movie actors or popular ‘real people' since anime characters are strictly visual and don’t have physical existence in the real world. So products like figurines or plushies are the only means giving anime fans a realistic tangible, representation of the anime characters that we like or even love. 



One last note on why I actually buy anime figurines is simply because they make me happy. Sure they take up space and collect dust, but being surrounded by physical representations of things you love can make everyday more comforting. Most people are very materialistic; yet don’t know what particular items would satisfy them. Even though anime figurines don’t have a practical value that the average person can perceive, but they can provide plenty of happiness for me which, in the long run, can make life a bit more rewarding. :)

Inspired by – Baldwin Nguyen, Danny Choo, Kenneth Bolido