Day 1: Destination Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei before dawn, local time at arrival 4:37am.  

Taipei 4:37am

Taipei 4:37am


What an average Taipei street would generally look like. It reeks the smell of sewage. 


I don't think people in Taiwan know what personal hygiene is. Just look at this ruthless man, he's just having a smoke while cutting up a fish which is going to be sold.


Well finally on a positive note. What's cool is that the trains in Taipei come every 3 minutes during peak hour and 7 minutes during off peak. 


This..umm? what do I even call this? Yeah well it surely gave me a good chuckle.  


Taiwanese style takoyaki, I really can't get enough of takoyaki and would you believe that whole serving is just about $1AUD! so cheap.