Day 2: Taipei 101

Second day in Taiwan and I have yet to see the sun. Majority of the day was spent in Taipei city hall for Taipei 101.


As you can see this is how bad it was. Just going to pray for at least one sunny day before I leave on friday. 


Straight balling. Jokes, majority of the stores in Taipei city hall are all designer stores. Food was even expensive so I just stuck with the street food.

Note: I keep forgetting to take photos of the food I eat, I just get way to excited and I dig in straight away. 


The view up top of Taipei 101 on the observatory deck was quite spectacular despite the intimidating weather. 


Pure craftsmenship. This lobster is made out of coral gemstone. 


Great way to end the day with some Taiwanese beer I guess. What? theres a picture of a mango on the can? Yeah that's right mango flavoured beer! and of course I had to get mango first ;) also there are a variety of other fruit flavoured beer.