Day 4: Taiwan anime figure hunting

Fourth and last day in Taiwan and still no sun in the sky. Day was spent lurking around shops.


So what do I do on my last day in Taiwan? I just lurk around the shops hunting for anime goodies I desire.


For those that don't know I myself do collect anime figures and you can see why here and I'm quite the massive K-On! fanboy. 


Here in Taiwan the anime and manga One Piece is just everywhere! 


I'm not quite the Gunpla fan but I can really appreciate the time spent on building these. 




Bishoujo scale figures!


And more nendoroids! I think some of these are pretty rare. 


And a variety of K-On! figures. I just wish I could be like to the shop owner " alright I'll take one of every K-On figure you have ^_^ "


Your one stop shop for dakimakura covers.


When I said anime goodies I meant everything! even R rated doujinshis. he he


What an average anime figure store would generally look like! and boy I could spend all day looking at each figure carefully and day dreaming about having them all. Not only do these stores have average figures but some holy grail ones e.g. Alter's Yoko Littner 1/8 , a whole bunch of Evangelion figures which I have never seen and the list goes on. 


And of course classic Andrew I couldn't resist and I had to buy something, that's right  K-On! even though I'm going to Japan the holy land of anime figures tonight I still decided to buy some figures.. oh well. 

Will be in arriving in Tokyo, Japan 20:45 Taiwan local time 15 Nov.