Day 5: Shinjuku/Akihabara

Fifth day of my holiday and first day in Japan! 


Early morning in Shinjuku, these small streets are all over the place here in Shinjuku and they are just filled with small restaurants and general goods stores. 


Cold soba noodles with pork katsu and rice for breakfast. 


Of course being me someone who watches and reads anime and manga, also collecting anime figures I couldn't help but to go to Akihabara! 


So whats in Akihabara? Oh its just probably the most condensed area in the world packed with anime, manga and  games all in one place. 


And this is where I went to straight away! Mandarake! home to one of the best anime figure stores here, they probably have every figure you could even ask for and of course being me I had to make a purchase. I've already settled for a lot more figures which I will be picking up when I come back since I will be leaving for Osaka and Kyoto in the next few days. 


Note: I didn't take much photos of the any stores themselves today I was just far too busy looking for figures I needed to buy but I will be back for a couple more times. 


I have no idea what this dish is called but theres char grilled pork belly with rice and you crack an egg on top. It is by far the best dish I've had on this trip yet. 


Small streets in Shinjuku by night before I head back. 


No better way to end my day with some Japanese beer. Yup thats the purchase I got today from Mandarake a Subaru Konoe 1/7 by SkyTube.