Sci-Fi Revoltech 010: Woody

The hero of Pixar's Toy Story films Woody is another awesome addition to the popular Revoltech lineup by Kaiyodo. 


Woody itself and you can see that Kaiyodo hasn't missed any important details especially Andy's signature scribbled underneath Woody's boots. 


Also the box itself looks very spectacular.


And of course the backside of the box showing all the variations of the poses and suggestions on how the accessories should be used that come with Woody. Open the flap and on the left side you get like a back-story of Woody and some pictures then onto the right is Woody himself, Lenny and all of his accessories. 


Woody comes with two faces his smiling face and his 'wacky' face which some people like to call it his 'rape' face because definitely, Woody is up to no good with that face on.

And you can already see Woody is definitely up to no good, looks he can't stand cardboard prison and he's trying to escape! 


And he's out and already looking like he's up to no good!


Aha! of course Woody can't forget his trusty hat before he leaves.


And there he is all ready to take on the world or the least my backyard. 


Oh no..It already looks like Woody is up to something. Is that Lenny? 


Uh oh!..It looks like he has spotted us or at least something else...

20131208-_DSC2407 copy.jpg

Classic Woody! What's he going to do now? 


Oh dear..He's already on the move! 


Just what is he up to now?


Just who's skirt is he peaking onto now? 


And that's that for Woody taking on the world. 

Overall the makers have done a really good job on the mould, paint and joints. He also doesn't come with a stand and at times its really hard to pose him because of the stiffness of the joints. You gotta have all the patience in the world to let him stand freely, but you're really not going to play with him unless you've got the 'rape face' going on because that's where 90% of the appeal of this figure exists.