September anime figure loot

Monthly order on anime figures but this more of vocaloid and a game character. 

With this month I was expecting 3 figures, 2 scale figures and 1 nendoroid. Sadly 2 of the scale figures got delayed until october and now my october order is real heavy. I decided to pick up nendoroid 300 Hatsune Miku 2.0 which has been on my watch list for a quite a long time.. 

I believe this is the fourth nendoroid to be released for the Kantai series. Nendoroid 426 Kaga the air craft carrier. 


With finally both having Kaga and Akagi, they just easily compliment each other. 

And finally nendoroid 300! Hatsune Miku a virtual diva from the Character Vocal Series: 01. She is such a good deal because of the price you can get her, you can get so much out of it. With a huge variety of accessories and expressions. I guess they really went all out for the nendoroid being number 300 in the line.