Natalie Wilson / Melanie Gomes

Last Thursday my first ever fashion/model shoot and boy was a nervous yet sort of stoked at the same time. 

With having nothing planned out and having no idea what to do for the shoot even up to the last minute because of lack of communication with the designer (not in a bad way! or good but neutral I am happy though). But everything seemed to workout eventually once I was able to meet up with everyone and discuss how she wanted her pictures to be composed etc. Everything went real smooth and the results were better than I expected even with a few minor flaws and mistakes here and there spotted by my friends but honestly for my first ever experience I really really enjoyed it! and I have been thinking of doing more fashion/model shoots in the future. 

I'd also like to give a warm thank to the model (Natalie Wilson) for modeling, the designer (Melanie Gomes) for providing the garments and Veronica Lew for making all of this happen.