October anime figure loot

I sometimes feel like its Christmas at the very end or the beginning of every month with my figure orders. Though Christmas is around the corner!

I could possibly say this was another big month for me with Hatsune Miku Halloween Ver coming in mid before the other girls. 

First up with have Shiro by Kotobukiya the 11 year old main protagonist from the hit anime No Game No Life. First time ever I am disappointed with Kotobukiya's paint job on Shiro's hair, for the price I paid for I thought they could of have done a much better job. 

Shikinami Asuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion. By far I think this figure is going to be a holy grail of mine not because she was hard to source but the quality of this figure is substantially amazing! possibly out of my whole collection (101 figures) her quality I think honestly is number 1 out of all the figures I own. The picture will just not do any justice in showing the quality of this figure. 

KIRYUIN SATSUKI!~ from one of my top favourite series Kill la Kill comes the Kiryuin Satsuki nendoroid! though not as cute as the Mako nendoroid from my August loot but she is definetly worth every cent packing with tons of character!

Shimada Mayu from the anime series Wake Up Girls! not much to say honestly about her, only reason I feel like I've actually bought her is because she is exceptionally cute. Sadly not my favourite girl from the series. Though I do hope they release the rest of the girls as Nendoroids from the series. 

Lucky last we have Good Smile Company's Halloween exclusive Hatsune Miku.

Its been a while since I have updated my home page actually months I believe. Will get to it eventually.