Nendoroid 445 Renge Miyauchi by Good Smile Company

From one of my top favourite slice of life animes of 2013 and all time 'Non Non Biyori' comes the nendoroid version of one of the main characters Miyauchi Renge. Undoubtedly she is already one of my top favourite nendoroids on the market and in my collection. 

Renge Miyauchi who is a first grade elementary school student and it makes sense to why she is in my opinion the perfect nendoroid because it truly represents her from the scale of the nendoroid to the actual features and characteristics from the anime itself. Making it as if the nendoroid line was made for her. 

Renge Miyauchi comes with three different face plates (or expressions) accurately showing her personality, a blank looking standard expression that she always has even when she was a baby makes her look mysterious and incomprehensible but despite that she really acts like her age in the anime showing curiosity and affection to almost everything with her 'Kappa' face shown in the last two images. And lastly her very excited face brimming with curiosity.

And to finish this post off the Renge Miyauchi Nendoroid wouldn't be complete with this manga-style sheet of lines to show the seriousness of her curiosity.