November anime figure loot

Heaps late considering the date now for my November loot that came in early December. 

Not a highly anticipated month with a scale figure being delayed to December which was meant to be released in September. 

Oshino Shinobu a nendoroid I've been dying to get my hands on since pre-orders were available. She's more expensive than the usual nendoroids as she comes in a premium box with heaps of character goods. 

Kousaka Honoka 1/8 by Good Smile Company. Not much to really say about her besides me being quite the fan of the Love Live series though I did feel quite disappointed receiving her. Sad to see that Good Smile Company is also not making 8 of the other girls but only Honoka. ( I do slightly regret getting her but she sits quite well on my shelf )

Yazawa Nico nendoroid, Nico not really being my favourite nendoroid I wasn't as anticipated but knowing that all other 8 girls will be released throughout this year and next year I can happily say I will be highly anticipated for some of the other girls. With the same outfit as the scale figure above all of the girls will be having the same outfit ! 

Renge Miyauchi nendoroid ! ! my top pick of nendoroids for 2014 has to go to her ! since the release for pre-orders were there was no hesitation to ordering her what so ever. I even made a separate post/review on her on the previous post here showing my excitement for her. 

note: I've told myself various amounts of time during the later half of this year to slowly cut down and go on a hiatus on figure collecting once 2015 starts but I don't see that happening no matter how many times I tell myself. Just all these wonderfully sculpted figures keep on getting released. I just can't but help myself to ordering them.