April anime figure loot

Monthly loot on anime figures. No March post. 

Biggest loot yet. 

Kotobukiya's Oshino Shinobu from the anime series Monogatari, absolutely cute!

She also comes with a alternate mysterious smile face.

A combination of her astral dress and school uniform in a dynamic pose ready for battle comes Phat Company's Tohka Yatogami from the popular series Date A Live.

Beach Queen's Yui Yuigahama posed cutely with her "Yahhro-!" pose from the anime My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU.

Nendoroid Uzume Uno with her notable poses from the anime series Fantasista Doll.

From the online card game Kantai Collection comes the nendoroid Shimakaze in various poses of her 'half damage' form and with her very own cute little canons ready to fire torpedo's at the enemy.

20140506-kanbaru mastered.jpg

Nendoroid Sugura Kanbaru also from the Monogatari series with an entranced expression with her books, absorbed in her reading and various poses you can recreate from the anime.